I'm recovering well and getting faster....I'm so grateful I got it fixed....my instep was really worrying me.....you also let me know to take care of my body and to take twinges etc seriously.

Nigel, a runner

Over the last year, a deteriorating condition in my upper thigh had got even worse with increasing pain and stiffness, which no longer improved with use, and I felt my limp was in danger of being permanent....and acting on a personal recommendation I consulted Mike. After one treatment there was a marked improvement and now it seems to have completely gone and after some months there has been no sign of a return. Mike's treatment has been amazing.... I now attend the gym again with no problems.

Christopher Harbord, retired

I think this Pilates thing is really working...

Nick, after only six lessons

When you find a good masseur you stick to them, that's why I've been seeing Mike for more than 10 years. Having regular treatment has kept me running injury free and ready for my next workout with fresh legs. He always takes time on the problem areas and never rushes through the treatment - I would recommend him to anyone - give him a go, to help you achieve the best you can.

Hayley Yelling, European cross country champion 2005 and 2009

"Being treated by Mike has been a revelation. He pin-pointed the issues in my long-term back problem almost immediately and in just two sessions he has already made a huge difference. No drugs, no complex exercises just clear analysis and straight-forward corrective action."


Great Results, Personable, Expert


Peter hollingsworth 2011

Mike intuitively knows how to use his hands to release muscle tension, enabling me to move more fluidly again. He also imparts a load of knowledge which I hungrily absorb. After a session with Mike I always feel like dancing!


Mary Nonde Dance-Movement and Creative Arts Teacher

"I was desperately looking for someone who could help me with my back, neck and knee problems, all made worse by arthritis. Mike is VERY professional and knows what he is talking about. He knows exactly how to keep me on my feet and as for sorting out my neck pain and headaches, there is no one like him! So many people feel they need to go to someone who will crunch their bones to get relief but really the bones are being held together by muscle, so why not go for the root cause! I hope Mike never retires... as I couldn't do without him."



I very much enjoy and look forward to my weekly Pilates class with Mike. Being new to Pilates I appreciate the way Mike breaks down the exercises step by step, which is the way I learn best. I also appreciate the time he takes to encourage me to stretch myself  that little bit further each week to get the most from the class. Mike has a teaching style that works superbly well  for me for which is firm, caring and fun.


Dermot Fitzpatrick.



Q: Won't I find Pilates boring?
A: It may look gentle and un-demanding, but Pilates requires great concentration, particularly initially. Before strength can be built, there is a need to relearn how to recruit the correct muscles and muscle patterns.


Q: Can Pilates harm me?
A: Yes. A poorly trained or careless teacher might ask you to do exercises that your body is not yet ready for, and, for example, a vulnerable back might be put at risk. It is therefore important that you use a properly trained and registered teacher. Mike Ker is registered with the Body Control Pilates Association.


Q: How many lessons will I need?
A: You get out what you put in; the more you practise the quicker you will learn. Initially you would need to learn how to engage your various cores to give yourself the stability to enable you to move your limbs correctly. As you learn Pilates you become more "body aware" and it becomes easier to learn to control the manner and order in which you use your muscles.
If you have lessons on your own, or in small groups, you will learn more quickly and more effectively than in large groups.
A course of 10 lessons would give a basic grounding in Pilates, but you would need many more to become proficient. Even teachers of Pilates need the occasional lesson to ensure that they are moving correctly; it is very difficult to check on oneself. You never stop learning.


Q: Is Pilates mainly for women?
A: Not at all. It was invented by a man, originally for his own benefit. Men probably need Pilates even more than women, being naturally less supple. They are also generally less aware of how bad their posture may have become.
Many male actors, celebrities and sports stars are devotees; it is becoming increasingly popular with players of team sports such as Rugby, Cricket and Football.


Q: Can Pilates be the only form of exercise that I do?
A: No, you should also do some form of aerobic exercise. This could be walking, swimming, cycling, running or tennis etc. What you do and how much depends on your physical condition and health. Doing Pilates should enable you to do more. However you should always start gently and build up slowly. If in doubt consult your doctor.


Q: Can I do Pilates if I am pregnant?
A: Yes, but it may need to be modified, and you must stop if you feel any discomfort.
You should check with your doctor before starting any kind of exercise, if you are pregnant. Pilates is a particularly suitable form of exercise to do during pregnancy, since it strengthens the pelvic floor, lower abdomen and back. It is also a very low impact form of exercise.

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